Friday, January 23, 2009

Well, that's just Pea-riffic.....

So Heidi and I are sitting at the table last night eating supper. And she was actually eating (which is rare) on some black-eyed peas.
I got up to check to check on something on the stove and turned around to see Heidi holding a pea up to her nose. I quickly said, " Don't you shove that pea in your nose!"
At which point she grins widely and shoves it in knuckle deep.
Well, she thought it all quite funny until it had to come out.
She did not seem to appreciate being held down in a head-lock with the booger-sucker and some tweezers trying to get it out.
Luckily, it being a well cooked black-eyed pea it was mushy enough to come on out.
And people wonder why we don't give her candies......


The Moore Family said...

OMG...that shouldn't be funny...but that IS funny! ha ha! Glad everything came out alright! :o)

The Cottingham Family said...

That is to funny. Can't wait to see you guys and see how much Heidi has grown up.
love you