Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Heidi's PigTails Plus One

Heeheehee.....Check our Heidi's new hairdo!
Her hair is driving me crazy! It's so long it's all in her face and all the hairbows just slide right out. Or Heidi likes to play the game where she pulls it out and wants the " airbo" back in. She seemed to like this though!
I had a few spare minutes, so I made a slideshow!


The Moore Family said...

Heidi might just start a new trend with that "do"!! :o)

Marty, Peyton and Lily Grace James said...

Love the hair!!!!! Miss y'all and love y'all! Wish the girls could play together because they were so cute together Christmas day!

The Cottingham Family said...

Heidi is adorable with those three pigtails. We miss you guys.
We love you