Sunday, September 27, 2009

Baby Lucy is Here!

Lucy Katherine is here! Finally!
Born 10:43am , Sept 20. 7 lbs, 6oz.
We are all doing well!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Don't trust the pudding....

Don't trust the pudding at our house. That is unless you don't mind some extra flavor!

Heidi's First Haircut and Other pics...

Our sweet neighbors kept Heidi one evening and it was one of their daughters 14th birthday. They sent Heidi back with cupcakes. They said Heidi was the hit of the party and thought it was for her!

Giving Daddy some love...

We finally got a Heidi a "big girl" bed and she LOVES it. More room for her toys i guess!

Super Woman Heidi and her new haircut. Just got the back trimmed but it looks much less stringy!
My Cutie Pie.

Angela's Wedding Fun

Road Trip to Texas!

We went to TEXAS! John's sister Erica was getting married so we headed out to Brownsboro, TX. It's near Tyler, TX. We had a great time visiting with John's Dad and family. It was the first time for me and Heidi to meet them. We must visit again!

Daddy and Heidi at the Tyler Zoo. They had a very nice zoo, but was H-O-T !

Daddy and Heidi just before the wedding.

They part of the wedding Heidi and I missed. I had to take her outside becuase she kept cheering like we were at a football game....

She's cute but noisy, LOL.......

John, Heidi, John's sister Erica and me.

John and Heidi with Erica and John's dad Tom.

Heidi headed home in her "super cool" sunglasses!

Heidi's new boots! Gotta have boots in Texas!

Passed out after watching Mary Poppins 5 times in a row.....

Coleman's 1st Birthday!

My nephew Coleman 1st Birthday! He is such a handsome boy! I could not get him to smile for me though. He was serious about the birthday fun, lol.....

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

John and I decided to stay home for Easter this year and had a really wonderful day. The weather turned out beautiful here and our trees are finally starting to get some leaves. All this new life is a wonderful reminder of our Risen Lord!
I cooked a big lunch for my little crew. We had ham, green beans, potato cassarole, cream corn, rolls and of course, jell-o salad! It wouldn't feel like a celebration around here without some! John said the ham was as good Grandmother Earle's, so I was quite proud of myself! Of course I made a enough to feed half an army, so we will be seeing those "Old Friends" for a few more days!