Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

John and I decided to stay home for Easter this year and had a really wonderful day. The weather turned out beautiful here and our trees are finally starting to get some leaves. All this new life is a wonderful reminder of our Risen Lord!
I cooked a big lunch for my little crew. We had ham, green beans, potato cassarole, cream corn, rolls and of course, jell-o salad! It wouldn't feel like a celebration around here without some! John said the ham was as good Grandmother Earle's, so I was quite proud of myself! Of course I made a enough to feed half an army, so we will be seeing those "Old Friends" for a few more days!

Baby #2 Updates...

Well I'm finally feeling Baby #2 move around! I've thought I felt it for a week or so, but so much stuff is moving around in there ya just aren't sure. But is most surely the baby! So that is exciting. I think the weeks after you start feeling better and before you feel the baby move are mentally tough! Feeling it kick around in there is very reassuring...well at least until the kicks start keeping you awake. ;)
Also we go back on to the doc on Friday the 24th. We are doing the "big" ultrasound that appt where they check all the measurements of the baby. AND most excitingly, we should find out the sex of the baby! YEA! I am ready to get rolling on the new baby's room and feel like I'm at a stand still until we find out!
We'll keep you all posted!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Go Sox!

Funny Girl

While John was Iowa he found these galoshes . They are so sweet. She wears them all the time now. As you can see in the pic she has them on over her PJ's and with her tutu!

Heidi LOVES to "help" cook. She actually does pretty well. This is from this morning we made raisin bran muffins. This is her stirring the eggs with her "wisp" (wisk). My little chef!