Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Road Trip to Texas!

We went to TEXAS! John's sister Erica was getting married so we headed out to Brownsboro, TX. It's near Tyler, TX. We had a great time visiting with John's Dad and family. It was the first time for me and Heidi to meet them. We must visit again!

Daddy and Heidi at the Tyler Zoo. They had a very nice zoo, but was H-O-T !

Daddy and Heidi just before the wedding.

They part of the wedding Heidi and I missed. I had to take her outside becuase she kept cheering like we were at a football game....

She's cute but noisy, LOL.......

John, Heidi, John's sister Erica and me.

John and Heidi with Erica and John's dad Tom.

Heidi headed home in her "super cool" sunglasses!

Heidi's new boots! Gotta have boots in Texas!

Passed out after watching Mary Poppins 5 times in a row.....

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