Saturday, January 3, 2009

Here fishy fishy....

John, Heidi and I went to the Chattanooga Aquarium today. And saw ALL the fishes and then some! It is a really neat place. They broke it into two areas, Ocean and Rivers. We got a new backpack carrier for Heidi and John thought we should try it out. That turned out to be a genius idea, because they do not allow strollers in all the areas. And she could see everything! It was a great rainy day adventure.

John and the Loggerhead Snapping Turtle. It just swam right up to the glass at him. I think his hand must have looked tasty!

Heidi checking out the "FISHY!"
Check it out!

This was in the Butterfly Exhibit. A butterfly had just landed on her face, I just missed it!!

It was hot as the tropics in this room!

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brooke said...

too cute. what was that song that kelly used to sing in high school??? "fish heads, fish heads, rollie pollie fish heads. fish heads, fish heads, slimey going down, yum yum!" i've had that song stuck in my brain since i read this blog. thanks heidi.