Monday, November 17, 2008

Visiting the Fam'

Heidi and I traveled down to Centreville for a few days while John is in New Jersey. We stayed with GG and DD (Grandmomma Earle and Granddaddy Hal) and had a terrific time. Heidi really seemed to have a great time and I think GG and DD did too! We visited lots of folks while we where there and can't wait to see everyone again at Thanksgiving!

Granddaddy with his crew! That's a wiggly bunch!
Joshua and my sweet newphew Coleman.

Heidi and her favorite Aunt Meg!

GramPam and Heidi. Heidi loves her GramPam!

GG and Coleman. So sweet!
Happy 58th Anniversary GG and DD!

Heidi poking my newphew Hal. He is such a big boy!

Joshua multitasking:)

Dad's friends Larry and Vicki Edwards came down for the Miss State game. They had a good visit even of we did beat 'em good!

Heidi had all she could take. Asleep on the way home.....

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