Monday, November 17, 2008

The Prodigal Friend....

I was sooooooooo excited to hear from my long lost friend Heather. We were roomies at UA and I haven't seen her in FOREVER. She was up this weekend and since I was in C'ville I meet up with her lunch. I miss you Heather! It was so great to see you!
Heather also told me that she was 7-7 at birth too. So maybe Heidi has hope of being tall and beautiful too!

Heather and Heidi and being silly...

Heidi got hold of my camera while we were eating and took this picture, I though it was funny since that is her favorite cup.:)


brooke said...

it's heather!!! she's just the greatest. so glad she's doing well. miss ya heather!!

heather said...

I made the blog! I'm FAMOUS! :)
I looooved seeing you and your baby is too precious!
let's do it again before she goes to college.

(brooke! I miss you too!)