Thursday, July 10, 2008

Still Watching the World in Reverse.....

We took Heidi for her One Year checkup. She did great with the checks, the ear checker thing, even the heel prick. Then came the shots....the first wasn't so bad. Then came #2, then #3, ....Then #4! And she's ols enough now to reach to where it hurts, so I had to hold her down. No fun there. But hey I did get a good look at what teeth she had coming in:)
I gave her her bottle after and she was laughing by the time the nurse left the room.
Anyway she was 28 inches long (30%) . But only 18 pounds (10%)! Dr. Lytle said he wanted her to gain about a pound to get her to about 30%/30%. More high fat foods and no "snacky" foods, aka: Goldfish, her favorite! Guess Daddy will have to eat them.:)So we've been been packing her in with avacados and mac-n-cheese. Her new favs!
Since she is so petite this means she is STILL facing backwards in our vehicles! She needs to be 20 pounds before we swap her around. So for now she gets to keep watching where we've been!

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