Friday, May 23, 2008

Justin's Wedding

John and I got to go to Justin Hale's wedding last weekend. It was so beautiful!
They had a lovely ceremony, with LOTS of singing, of course:) And the reception was great too.
We left Heidi at Mandy's so we had to leave the reception a little early. We missed the cake:(
But we had a really fun time and saw lots of folks we hadn't seen in a long time.
And it was so nice to have a baby-free date night! Mandy said that they had a fun time keeping Heidi. We must get her over there again sometime soon.

Me and John. We looked pretty so we thought we'd better take a picture:)

Angela taking a picture of me taking a picture. Creative aren't we. Check out Hal:)

Angela and Micheal. So Sweet.

Me and John. I just had my "hair did". Hot Momma!

Hal and Meg, just before Hal decided I needed some iced tea on my dress. It was all OK though. My dress was off white so you couldn't even see it!

Dad and Pam having a squeeze:)

Micheal, Ben and my Brother Joshua who looks like he is falling asleep.

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