Monday, May 12, 2008

Heidi's Baby Dedication and Mother's Day Lunch

We had a great day yesterday for Mother's Day. Heidi was dedicated at our church along with 5 other babies:) Then we came back to our house and had lunch with Dad and Pam, Pam's daughter Mandy and her 3 children and Brooke. Brooke took most of these pictures and they turned out great:)
John gave me great Mother's Day gifts. He cleaned up our yard, planted flowers and gave me some beautiful pink plants and he made me strawberry cupcakes! YUM! My favorite:)

Heidi and Daddy waiting before the service. In the line at the front of the church during the dedication.
Back home after church, playing her little piano. That was my piano when I was little so it has seen some love.
Lookin' cute!
Helping Momma get lunch ready by taking all the lids out of the drawer.

Heidi had all the excitement she could take! Sleepy baby:)

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brooke said...

she's so pretty in her little dress. i miss you guys!!! one day wasn't enough time for a visit. hopefully i'll be back soon. love ya'll.