Monday, February 11, 2008

The wedding!

We had a wonderful wedding this past weekend. Pam looked lovely and Dad cleaned up pretty good too! The ceremony was very nice and all the kids behaved great! I will hopefully have some of the ceremony pics up soon. These pics are from the reception. We had a great time and it was so nice to see everyone. We just wish we had more time to spend with each person. I think Heidi really enjoyed it but was sooooo tired by the end. We headed home after the reception and she was passed out before we got out of town!
This is Mrs. Vicki and one of her adorable grandsons. She has so many I'm sorry to say I'm not sure which one this matches up too!It was great to see all the "Edwards Clan" there. We will hopefully be able to get together again soon and be able to spend so more time together.
Two of a kind! Grandmother Earle and Heidi in their red dresses.
Yes, Heidi, Mr. Don is pretty funny.
Heidi and Mrs. Connie. Heidi loves blond hair!
Brooke, Me and Heidi. Brooke, thanks for helping watch Heidi during the ceremony.:)
Daddy with Heidi, showing her feet to Mrs Jonlee! Heidi started the evening with tights and shoes, but they didn't make it.
Our cousins, Marty , Peyton, and Lily Grace. Lily Grace was so cute in her pink dress.
Me and Heidi taking a break in the brides room.

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pam said...

thanks for sharing the pics and our day. i am blessed to have a wonderful family and now to be a part of yours.