Monday, September 22, 2008

** Dr Brown Bottles POST #2**

OK so you know about the issue with the Dr Brown's Bottles and BPA. BPA is released from the plastic when it exposed to high heat, such as your dishwasher or microwave.
Well, we are trying to wean Heidi off the bottle but it's part of her sleep routine, it's going to be a while. We are down to 2 bottles though, at naptime and nighttime. That said, it looks like we will need bottles for a while longer.
Well after researching more about BPA and it's effects I am ditching Dr. Brown. I had already decided we would not be using them with any other babies because of other issues, i.e., they have too many parts and leak like a sieve. However, this is the ONLY bottle Heidi's ever taken.
So I did a little more research into Dr Brown's Bottles. Only the bottle itself contains BPA, not the parts. Now...... Dr Brown's is now selling glass bottles that will accept their parts, however they are expensive. $13 for TWO glass bottles, ouch!
So I searched some more and came across a mom, who like me, thought there has to be a cheaper method. Well it looks like there is! Gerber makes a bottle called "Gerber First Essentials" . These will accept Dr Brown stem, valve, collar and nipple. However, you must use the short stems from the small 4oz bottles. AND they are MUCH cheaper than buying the glass bottles. I got a 3-pack at Walmart for $3.50! So, your not out much $$ if you want to try it yourself!
I just used it with Heidi's nap and it worked GREAT! No leaks, same flow, ect.
I am posting a pic with the Gerber bottle package on the left and a Gerber bottle fitted with Dr Browns "parts" on the right.
Hope this helps out some of you guys! Go BPA-free!

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