Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Beach!

Ok, so these pictures are not in order..... But they're fun just the same:)
We had a great week! And we have BIG NEWS! HEIDI IS WALKING! Yea!
I guess she watched her cousin Hal and finally caught on! And speaking of Hal, he pooped in the potty this week! And Coleman rolled over! It's funny the things we are excited about now:)
It was a big week for the kids!

This was Heidi at the pool. I think she liked to walk around the deck more that be in the pool:)
Heidi and Daddy. She loves the camera.
We went to the Gulf Coast Zoo one day. It was VERY hot but did not seem to slow down Heidi and Hal. This is Heidi in the reptile house peeking at an Iguana.
This picture was supposed to have a llama in it.....
Mommy and Heidi at the beach! She loved the ocean but could only take the sand for a little bit.


The Cottingham Family said...

Rachel, John and Heidi,
We had a GREAT time with you guys and can't wait to go back next year. WE LOVE YOU!!!!

The Cottingham Family said...

Rachel-I pulled up the pedipeds website and they have girl camo shoes. How adorable they are!!!!!!
Miss ya