Monday, April 21, 2008

Static Cling

Pam gave Heidi this neat little pool with a cover last summer but I just now inflated it:)
I inflated it in the living room and she crawled inside it. Then I noticed her hair!
Talk about some static! She didn't notice of course but she is loving the little pool so far,even with no water:)


Angela said...

You have the most photogenic child ever.

rachel said...

I like to think so.:)
I especially love her runny nose, haha!

brooke said...

lol!! she's so funny!! thank you so much for this blog. it really brightens my days at work. heidi has to be the cutest kid ever!!! miss you guys!!

Anonymous said...

i think u could light up centreville with all that electricity! lol glad she likes the pool :)

amber said...

my hair does that too!!!!